Mind, Body and Spiritual Wellbeing

My clients always ask me what tips I can give them to manage their wellbeing

Here are some simple tools for the well-being of our mind, body and soul

What do I mean by exercise? I don’t mean running miles or HIIT regimes. It’s about what works for you. Recent research has shown how exercising can help with our mental well-being. It can help to lower depression and anxiety symptoms. The NHS recommends 150 hours per week of moderate aerobic exercise for people aged 19 years and above. Click here

Walking in nature is the thing for me. When I am outdoors amongst nature, I feel energised. My mind opens and my best ideas come to me when walking through the woods breathing in fresh air. Of course, there are days when I don’t feel like going out; I feel lazy and have to push myself out of the house. But once I am out there I never regret the time I have spent outdoors. Don't take my word for it. try it for yourself.

Find what activity works for you. This can be anything from walking, cycling, swimming, running etc.

Meditation, Breathing and Yoga
What does meditation do for you? Meditation is known to have healing powers. Research shows that meditation helps to relieve symptoms of depression, panic and anxiety.
Meditating helps us stop over attending to our thoughts and feelings and “allows us to get off the wheel, catch our breath, and get some perspective.”
“The goal is not to get to a place where your life is free of problems — that’s not possible but rather to develop the skill of accepting the existence of those problems without overvaluing them.” (https://psychcentral.com/blog/how-meditation-helps-anxiety/)

The idea is to find a quiet spot and sit cross legged or on your knees or you can lie down if you prefer. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. I find putting on some calm music helps me to reach a place of stillness. You can also repeat a word that brings you calm and stillness. A word usually used during meditation is ‘OM’. It’s very hard to reach a place where your mind is empty; thoughts will come and go. When I am meditating I respect that my thoughts are mine and let them float through me but remember to keep breathing. Meditation is something that needs to be repeated. It doesn’t have to be daily but the more you do it the more you will begin to learn to focus and reach that place of stillness and quiet. You don’t have to struggle and sit for hours trying to meditate and feel frustrated. Even two minutes in the day moving away from your desk at work or at home finding that quietness and just breathing can be meditating.

On breathing, I was told by both my yoga teacher and physiotherapist that we don’t breathe to our full capacity. Yoga teachers are trained in breathing techniques and help you to improve your breathing. There are also many Smartphone Apps that can teach different breathing techniques. I suggest looking them up and finding one that suits you. Even 2 minutes a day will leave you feeling lighter and refreshed. Click here for some breathing techniques

I discovered yoga 10 years ago. It was at a time I was suffering from health problems which made me anxious and worried. I had burnt myself out. I decided to try yoga and booked into a class with no idea what I was letting myself into. I’ve never looked back since. My suggestion is to try different types of yoga classes and teachers to find the one that suits you best.

I am not a dietician but my diet plays a crucial part in my daily life. What I eat helps me stay alert, healthy, happy and calm. I am not a vegan but eat a balanced diet of all foods; yes, I eat meat and occasionally I enjoy cake.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a good night’s sleep. There are days when I will take a nap in the middle of the day if I am feeling tired and lethargic. Sleep is when your body goes into recovery mode. The cells in our body regenerate and refresh whilst we sleep which makes us feel younger and look younger. Who can argue with that?!

To sum up, ‘It’s ok to take a break’.

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