Lets talk about Suicide

The shock when a you hear that a person has taken their own life. It stops you on your tracks and makes you wonder what they must have been feeling to take their own life. To think that you have no other options left but to take your life. What do they leave behind? The regret and guilt of people who wish they knew or could have done something to stop them. I work with clients suffering from bereavement because thy have lost someone close to them who died in this horrific way and at times they also feel anger but are ashamed or guilty to admit. They carry this with them and if they do decide to come to therapy they speak about their loss and grief.

The big question for them is Why? Why did their loved one did not confide in them and 'I wish I knew'.....

What can you do to prevent someone or what someone can do if they are feeling suicidal?

If you feel that your friend or relative or co worker is not themselves or seem in a low mood take few minutes of your time to stop and ask how they are and listen to them.

if you are having suicidal thoughts and feel depressed find a therapist to speak to about what you are thinking and how you feel

Below are some tools that may help.

1. Set up a WhatsApp group with numbers of close friends and family you can message if suicidal thoughts come into your head.
Have an agreement with your family and friends that you are setting the group for this purpose alone. Have a code word and share with the group so they know

2. Keep the following numbers at hand to call

Samaritans they have trained counsellors who will speak to you and provide support on 116 123. Remember Samaritans are available 24/7

The suicide prevention line
0800 068 4141


3. Keep Photos of your friends and family - it’s a reminder that you are loved and of happy times

4. Creativity - keep Colouring pens or pencils, colouring books, music or a journal to write down reasons why you are worth it

5. Music- create a playlist to listen to that will help uplift your mood

6. A gratitude list- add one thing to the list every day even if it’s the smallest thing

7. Personalise your kit and add things to it that mean something to you

8. Find a therapist to speak to. You can contact your local Mind or look through the Counselling Directory, the Suicide Prevention Line or Depression UK have list of therapists that can help.


If you are some who has lost a loved one through suicide seek help through counselling or psychotherapy to come to terms with your grief.

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